1. "An Analyst by Any Other Surname: Surname Favorability and Market Reaction to Analyst Forecasts"​​

  • Published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics [67 (2-3): 306-335 (April-May 2019)], [Online Appendix]

  • Coauthors: Alok Kumar, Sonya Lim, Choong-Yuel Yoo

2. "Do Analysts Who Understand Accounting Conservatism Exhibit Better Forecasting Performance?"​

  • Published in the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting [44 (7-8): 953-985 (July-August 2017)]

  • Coauthors: Sonya Lim, Jinhan Pae, Choong-Yuel Yoo

3. "Professors on the Board: Do They Contribute to Society Outside the Classroom?"​

  • Published in the Journal of Business Ethics [141 (2): 393-409 (2017)]​
  • Coauthors: Charles Cho, Byungjin Kwak, Jaywon Lee, Choong-Yuel Yoo

4. "Do Analysts Treat Winners and Losers Differently When Forecasting Earnings?"

  • Published in the International Journal of Forecasting [31 (2): 531-549 (April-June 2015)]

  • Coauthors: Jinhan Pae, Choong-Yuel Yoo

     Working Papers / Works in Progress

1. "Analysts' Cultural Attitudes to Time Orientation"​

  • Revise and resubmit at the Journal of Accounting and Economics
  • Coauthors: Shuping Chen (UT Austin), Sonya Lim (DePaul), Yong Yu (UT Austin)

2. "What is the Source of Disagreement? The Role of Differences in Long-Term Orientation"​

  • Coauthors: Shuping Chen (UT Austin), Sonya Lim (DePaul), Yong Yu (UT Austin)

3. "Perceived Firm Trustworthiness and Market Underreaction to Earnings News"​

  • Coauthors: Jun-Koo Kang (Nanyang Tech U), Sonya Lim (DePaul), Choong-Yuel Yoo (KAIST)


4. "Using I/B/E/S Data for Empirical Research on Analysts"

  • Coauthors: Yong Yu (UT Austin), Wuyang Zhao (UT Austin)

5. "Do Sell-Side Analysts Need Morning Huddles?"​

  • Coauthors: Zhongwei Huang (Cass), Jun-Koo Kang (NTU), Stanimir Markov (UT Dallas)​

6. "CEO Surname Favorability"​

  • Coauthors: Sonya Lim (DePaul), Jongwon Park (Monash)


7. "Brokerage Houses' Execution of Trading after MiFID II"

  • Coauthors: Pawel Bilinski (Cass)

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